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How to Build Your Brand on Instagram – Podcast interview with Kat Coroy

by | Dec 15, 2022 | 0 comments

How can you build your following on Instagram? Is your brand consistent? With her Instagram Makeover programme, Kat Coroy teaches entrepreneurs, experts and coaches how to be successful on Instagram, with professional, effective visual brand. Kat has had incredible success with her online course and in this episode of The Knowledge Industry Podcast she tells Mark Egan how she did it, and how anyone can build a tribe using Instagram.




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mark egan  00:19

So today’s topic, how to be successful on Instagram, and the importance of having a consistent visual brand. My guest is katka Roy has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. But now with her Instagram makeover program, she’s helping small businesses, coaches, entrepreneurs show up on Instagram in a way that looks professional and coherent with their brand.


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mark egan  01:07

cat great speech where we set the scene where are you right now?

Kat Coroy  01:11

I’m in my office in my house. I’m looking out over the estuary that x I’m in Exeter so I can see the ocean I can see Exmouth in the distance in the south of England. Yeah, that’s where I am today.

mark egan  01:23

That sounds great. Living the dream. Now, yeah, I’ve come across you through Instagram. And funnily enough, you know, just when we started this call, I looked at your setup and it just, you know, it looks fantastic. Just, you know, visually everything’s, you know, spot on. And that goes to your background. So your background was initially in corporate wasn’t it?

Kat Coroy  01:44

Yes, it was, I have been for years it way too many years. I won’t tell you how old I am. But I’ve been a brand and a designer in London, working with the big brands. So in the top design agencies in London, you know, working for like Nike, I mean, every single kind of big brands, you can think of making them look really, really great. So yeah, that’s my background has come from there. So I’m now taking all that stuff and trying to how can I now help entrepreneurs and everyone else starting their businesses look really good online and create a brand as well?

mark egan  02:14

Because I mean, on Instagram, obviously, this is one of the things that you’re known for now. You’re able to help individuals who want huge, massive international brands, so just the concepts are the same. So when you move across from, you know, working for somebody else to doing your own thing. Was there any difference? Or was it just look, the basics are the same, no matter who I’m dealing with?

Kat Coroy  02:35

Well, the concepts of design and branding are the same, you know, but the thing is, I actually think, as individuals and entrepreneurs, we have such a big advantage right now, compared to all the big brands, because the way marketing is going, it’s about connection, you know, it’s about real relationship, people don’t want any of that, you know, marketing stuff, they just want real real people that they can connect with. And we can do that so much easily, you know, so if we can just use some of that stuff from the big brands in terms of creating a brand that looks, you know, consistent and looks good, because people love things that look good, you know, it’s just how we work, if we can use some of that not perfect, but just make it look really good. And then we can also be just real and be ourselves because that’s what we need to connect with people then we are on to a winner. So we’ve got a big advantage right now. That’s the thing I’m excited about.

mark egan  03:24

Talk a little bit about what you do right now, because I know, to pay for one of those big branding agencies would cost an absolute fortune. And in a sense, one of the things about the fact that you can deliver your expertise now to anyone in the world is up make that accessible to individually normal people. So tell me a little bit bit about the kind of people you deal with now, and how you help them.

Kat Coroy  03:47

Oh, my goodness, well, I mean, there’s everyone I’ve got like alpaca farmer to a dentist, you know, to a real estate agent to a jewelry designer and an artist and me body. And, you know, at first I thought, how am I going to teach these complex principles of design and branding to somebody who’s got no experience in any of that stuff, you know, and a lot of times people come into with me, and they don’t even think they’re creative in any way. You know, they think they think they can’t do it. But the thing is, I’ve created a system that just if I really, really just broke as I’m a bit of assistance geek, you know, I broke it all down into steps. So if I take them through this whole process, it’s amazing. You know, they come in and they don’t know what they do. And they’re things just look like a mishmash of everything you see online normally just like pictures of the dog and you know, just sunsets and all that stuff. And then taken through the system of getting clear about what they’re all about first and the deep meaning behind it, and then how to represent it visually step by step. And people come out with these honestly amazing things. It’s like, they’ve hired somebody to do it for 50k for them, and they’ve got this amazing brand. And the thing is, it’s empowering to them because they can just do it themselves. You know, they can quickly whip up content whenever they need to. And it’s just so cool. So there’s nobody that can’t do If you have the right tools, and if you know what you’re doing by everybody can learn to do this stuff for sure.

mark egan  05:05

And you clearly know what you’re doing. And when it comes to branding, a lot of people think of branding is, you know, the logo and a color scheme. But it’s more than that you mentioned a little bit about, you know, you drill down, you go through a kind of, yeah, process. So when you look at people who haven’t been through one of your courses, or with any of your help, and you look at the kind of things they’re getting wrong, will be the main thing is that especially on something like Instagram, you think people are getting wrong?

Kat Coroy  05:31

Well, I think it’s not just about the visuals, you see, for me, branding is deeper, it’s got to connect on three levels, it’s got to be visual, it’s got to connect mentally, and it’s got to connect energetically. And I think the energetic thing is the thing that people forget about, you know, because it’s got to have a meaning behind it, if it’s just surface pretty is not going to connect with people, you know, because when we’re scrolling, we’re just seeing things. And it either connects with us, or it doesn’t, and we need it to connect on all those three levels. So I think what people get wrong is they just go and make a load of stuff they think looks nice, and they think that’s gonna do it. But if it doesn’t have the meaning behind you see, what I teach is, is called brands or essence, and it’s finding that branding of your soul, the essence of your soul in your branding, you know, because most of us who have got businesses we, we came from us, we made it for a reason because we’re passionate about something, you know, it’s something that we want to share with the world whether it’s your jewelry that you make, and you just love doing it and you want to share it with the world or you know, you’re a biology teacher and you certainly want to make online courses and you want to share that because you have a passion for teaching kids you know it’s coming from you and it’s just a lot of times people don’t know how to get to that core message. So I think if you can get to that core message and then really get so excited about what you’re doing and on target with it and really narrow it down, then you take that as foundation and you put that into what everything looks like you know and then once everything looks so amazing and it looks on brand with your brands or lessons you feel so good about what you’re putting out there that you put such good energy into it. And that connects with people as well. So you’ve got to put the right energy into it as well as the visuals and everything so it’s coming from a really deep place if you can do it from that deep brown soul essence place that makes all the difference that’s I’ve seen it time and time again when students get that right and then they apply it to everything it just goes off you know it’s like people can feel it instantly and everything you’re creating online you know, if they see any of your content, they just get a feel for you. It’s like you’re kind of sending out these waves and everybody’s resonating with you people that are in tune with what you’re doing are gonna kind of come to you it’s like magnetic marketing you know,

mark egan  07:42

I love the fact that it works for our packers and you know, other kinds of businesses It doesn’t matter what you do with the one of the things that when it comes to especially something like Instagram because sometimes feel like a bit of a treadmill it’s like a you know, you people think are gonna think of something to post today. How does that process the branding and finding your sort of brands or lessons? How does that help people wake up in the morning and have an idea of what they should be posting get ideas for content?

Kat Coroy  08:10

Well, yeah, I mean, everything stands when you know what your brand’s soul essences you know, what kind of things that make, you know, and also when you’re starting out on Instagram is you can’t, there’s not like a one size fits all strategy. So people might be teaching a certain thing that’s working on Instagram right now. But it might not work for certain business. So it’s a matter of trying some things and finding out what works but also having a plan. You know, if you try a load of different content, and you’ve got you’ve got to go with what’s working, so if something works, you just go make a bit more of that, you know, so you shouldn’t be doing all the different things on Instagram all the time you don’t want to be doing that would be crazy, you know, so you just want to figure out what are the things that you’re going to get the most results from, and then focus on that but those things could be different for any kind of business really, you know, someone might carousel posts might do really well for you, reels might do really well, you’re going live might work for you or it so it’s just trying to encourage people to try things. If it’s not working for you on Instagram, don’t just sit there not doing and you know, doing the same thing over and over again. So let’s try something else because things change quickly on Instagram. So if you can just try some stuff and then you know, then you’ll get a light you’ll find out what’s going to be the thing that’s going to work for you and you can go in that direction. So it’s constantly evolving. I don’t know about you in your business mark. But for me, I’m constantly having you know, like the ads stop working or this happens or that happens. You have to constantly move and change don’t you but you’ve got when you’ve got a brand like this you’ve got the foundation’s correct your brands or lessons isn’t gonna change and the look of it’s not going to change. You’ve got all that as a foundation. But then you can like pivot kind of the last piece of the puzzle, which is the content that you’re making. You can change that a little bit depending on what comes in and what comes out and what happens on Instagram.

mark egan  09:50

Yeah, no, I totally hear things changing. I mean, one of the things I do is I work with major organizations teaching to shoot high quality video on phones. So it can be A broadcast isn’t all that kind of thing. And one of the worst things in that is when you have a course with you know, 20 Dutch journalists or something. And something on Facebook an app is just updated and things completely changed. So there’s never a point where you say that and that’s one of the problems I find with online training as well with online courses, you make a video and you say this is how you maybe use Instagram reels and then they change Two weeks later so it’s translated You’re such a fast moving topic into online learning.

Kat Coroy  10:31

Oh, tell me about it that has been you know, I totally get that. It’s like Canva has recently changed a few things and I’ve got lots of camera in my goals. So I have to go in and change all the things but I’ve it’s it’s just because I’ve been doing this for four years now I’ve had this course for four years and I’ve had 17,000 students through my course now in four years. So I’ve learnt gradually I’ve actually just taken the last seven months to restructure the entire course and up level even more but to make it so that it’s easier for me to update as well. So like for say, for example, the camera thing that I’m just updating right now, I don’t need to know all the details, but I don’t need to change the what I’m saying on it, because that’s all still good information, it’s just the interface has changed. So if I can listen to myself recording it, and then I can just record my screen with me doing the actions on the new interface, I can kind of drop that underneath. So it’s not recreating the whole lesson. You know, so I’ve kind of found little systems that I can do like when I don’t need to show the Instagram interface I won’t but if I do obviously I’ve got to teach people how to do rails and things and if that changes I’ll just go and redo that little that section. You know so I think our future proofed it as much as I can but obviously it’s all part of the game with a with a course like this teaching Instagram I have to update it so I just put that into my time like I’m it’s part of my thing is I just want it to be really current so I have scheduled time for updates, you know, regularly, but yeah, it is a pain so you have to think about that for sure.

mark egan  11:59

You chucked in the stat that was a 12,000 what how many courses 17 17,000 right. Yeah, you threw that in there like you know, you know do that before breakfast and so you know, so a lot of people create courses or they have an expertise and it’s that missing jump which is how to I mean obviously through your branding and really what you understand this connection how to connect your particular person and resonate with them and all that kind of thing. How you know if somebody was listening to this and thinking I’m really proud of my course I think it’s really really good but I’m just not being able to sell it what what’s the and I know it’s kind of a very open question, but what how did you do what was the

Kat Coroy  12:45

17,000 courses in four years? Well, I think it’s a big question but you know the main thing is it’s got to be really good you’ve got to you know people don’t want to pay five grand for something I mean the end get ripped on that people made in two weeks like sometimes you hear people say no I made this course in two weeks and it’s what you know two grand on I’m like, you know for me I’ve just spent seven months making mine and mine is 300 US dollars but all that it’s amazing content is like give amazing content don’t overcharge don’t under don’t charge nothing you’ve got to charge a fair price but make it accessible it’s like what is the reason you’re doing it i’m i’ve just have this thing I want to get it out there too. I want to assist I’m good doing that because that’s where the you know, it’s out there. But I want to get it out there to as many people as I can. Like I’ve got people in India 75 countries around the world and they might say, Oh, you’ve changed my life, my businesses and they can feed their kids and it’s like that’s why you’re doing it so don’t overcharge. I think that’s a big reason why there’s so much value in it. It is really good I took time to make it interesting it’s like it my lessons are not just a load of boring slides is like they’re so interactive and there’s so much so I think make it engaging. But then of course you’ve got to learn how to do marketing you’ve got to learn how to do Facebook ads or that’s what I’ve done my Facebook and Instagram ads and believe me a lot of these things with marketing and Facebook and selling it you can first I started you know learning from the American because that’s where a lot of what we learn isn’t it because there are a lot of American entrepreneurs are teaching marketing. And I just found it wasn’t really working for me what they were teaching it because it’s all like upsell them do a trip wire. If you knew you might not know about all this stuff, but you know, it’s all the marketing, all the marketing kind of gimmicks that people use. And I just found it just wasn’t working for me. So I kind of developed my own thing in the end, which was just I call it Soul to Soul marketing and I am just just every single piece of content or marketing or selling or ad or anything I do has to be completely congruent and integral and authentic to me. I’m not Not trying to upsell, I’m not trying to get them in here and then sell them to an extra thing once that no, this is it, and they can feel that, you know, they feel my sincerity and that I genuinely care. And so they tell me and you know, so I think it’s is that and it’s in the people and then you get a reputation going so you know, you get some students in, you get feedback from them. And then you might, you know, do your course even more and make it you know, improve it and improve it. And then the word spreads, they tell people it’s like you get and then that’s I think that’s a big thing as well, it’s like, they know being on my email list, I’m not going to send them a load of affiliate marketing stuff from people just, you know, to make money off them, I’m not doing that. I’m just giving them value and passionately telling them about my thing, you know, and that’s what selling is to me. And I think that’s been another big reason why it’s been so successful is because they because you don’t, you know, you just don’t need to use any of those tricks and stuff that they teach you to do. You can just do it just really authentically and then people, you know, really value that.

mark egan  16:02

You know, that is the exact reason why I was really, really keen to speak to you. Because I’ve made that mistake. I remember this going back quite a few years, I had a video about video marketing there on the front page of YouTube for the term video marketing, amazing terms. And what a lot of people I work with, at the time, were big broadcasters. And I remember, it was a kind of a journalist producer during one of these trainings. It was in Switzerland. And he found this video. But the language I was speaking with the ones I was mimicking from like, say lots of the American marketing people. And basically it was just kind of like what the hell is this kind of thing. And I actually I deleted the video I took the thing down I was so kind of This is making me look bad, even though it would have had this position, which was probably really not clever thing to do. But isn’t that sort of a common problem that we see people? And we think we need to do exactly what they’re doing by the tripwire. So the tripwires, we have a low offer cheaper, and then you send a higher offer. You see those and you try and copy it. And I wonder there’s a cultural thing as well, because one of the reasons that I really liked your style maybe is because culturally, you were kind of different from some other ones. Do you think in a sense that people need to have a bit more confidence to learn what they can from experts, but just add more of themselves into it?

Kat Coroy  17:20

Definitely, I would say absolutely. If you’re starting out or whatever stage you’re at, don’t just do it. Like they might have some great stuff for you. They might have some things that real gems, but if it’s not feeling comfortable with you, and you’re like, Oh, that’s not doesn’t feel right. You know, I don’t want to tell people, the course bonus, the cool thing is going away in three days when it’s not, I don’t want that’s lying, isn’t it. So I don’t want any if you feel uncomfortable when you say your words, your words, if you speak true words, people feel it. If you say words that you know in your brain are not true, they can feel that. So I agree, I think you’ve got to trust yourself. It’s like I didn’t even think I could do selling or marketing. I knew branding and everything. But I didn’t even I thought I couldn’t do any of that stuff. And I just I’ve learned how to do it. And I’ve had to trust myself and my own intuition. So I totally agree with you, I think you have to find your own way. Like I did a course about Facebook ads, how to do that. And what they were teaching was this, it just didn’t work for me. And I thought I’m gonna figure this out myself. So I did some little tests, tried my own thing. And for all that was, you know, you can take it into your own hands, because you know your business better than anybody else. And you know, and I think we need to give ourselves credit, if we can just source information and find pick out the bits that work for us, but then go with it. And also if you get an uncomfortable feeling about something you’re doing in your marketing, people are going to feel it. So really just go in the direction that makes you feel good. Because when you feel good, and you feel passionate, and you’re totally congruent. I know I keep talking about everyone feeling but it’s so true. It’s like people say to me, they just got on my webinar, and they were like, I just felt like you’ve genuinely, I just trusted you. That’s what they said they trusted me, you know, because they can, because I’m just being totally honest. And I really mean what I’m saying, you know, so trust is a massive thing, isn’t it really, if you think about trust, as it’s not even a gimmick, it’s it is a real thing that is going to sell you so many causes when some gimmicky thing, that’s not even true.

mark egan  19:21

But the other thing that the whole COVID thing is taught us is everybody had to do things online and you know, including myself. There’s a thing I mean, I call it kind of virtual rapport, that it’s the ability to connect with somebody who’s not in the same place and sometimes even if it’s not a two way conversation like we’re having now and that seems to be some just you know, the words you’re using and the things you’re describing. If you boil all that all down, it’s building that connection rapport, that trust. I know you say kind of be real Be yourself but if somebody was listening to this, and they think you know what, I think I am copying other people and what really practical terms for my next video, what would it be Do you do that so that I feel a build that greater sense of rapport greater sense of trust connection with people who are not there?

Kat Coroy  20:08

Well, I think I mean there’s lots of tips but the main one that I could give people is that what I do unbelievable right videos, I used to be the shyest person in my class at school, right? I would even like probably four years ago when I first started doing this course I was like oh my God, I’ve got to make videos I didn’t even think about that when I first started and if somebody would get a camera out near me and start filming, I would be like that. I just would not I mean it was my worst nightmare to talk on camera. And now I love making videos and the thing that I do that I’ve learned to do is that because I think you get really self conscious a lot of people do your thinking always my hair you know, ring funny chin or my wrinkles here or my hair looks weird or you know whatever

mark egan  20:51

like you can beat my mind

Kat Coroy  20:56

Yeah, I think we could and we’re focusing on what we look like or what we sound like or is anyone want to Morrish this thing? Is this interesting? I’m on a really why does anybody else need another Instagram teacher there’s a million of them you know, why am I doing this is anyone gonna care we all these things are going through our minds. So when we’re making a video, if that’s what’s running in the background, that’s not going to come out well. So what I do is I just don’t even think about myself I turn the focus around to the person that I’m talking to and I pretend or imagine that I’m talking to somebody who is going to really benefit from what I have and someone who loves me and who I love like a dear friend who just loves what I’m doing and is so interested in what and then like I’m in a coffee shop just having a chat with my bestie about it. I just do that so I just look at the camera and I try to pull love out to that person whoever’s watching you know we’re and I just I just don’t think about me and I think about them so if you take the focus of their of you and put it onto them and think how am i right if you analyze how am I going to lift somebody with what I’m going to say today by I’m going to make some of them giving information or I might just be inspiring or whatever I’m doing I have the potential to make one person feel good with what I’m doing today. Okay, so if that’s all I need to know I’m not trying to impact 1000s of people just one person. And if I can just pretend or imagine I’m speaking to that person I want to make them feel good. I’m just focusing on making that person feel as good as I possibly can. And then you can just enjoy it because it’s just you’re giving out that love to people you know and that’s how I do my videos and I just really love I just really enjoy making videos now once I took the focus off of me and I realized nobody really cares anyway you know about what I look like it’s just more my message and how I’m making them feel is what’s important. And of

mark egan  22:45

course if you’re having fun they pick that up as well by the way almost like that last bit there you know I get these transcribed there and it’s almost like every every line of that could have been a quote card on Instagram so

Kat Coroy  22:58

I have to get yeah get some quotes made

mark egan  23:00

well you get a few personally I mean 70,000 I’m not clever enough to do the numbers but it must change your lifestyle Yeah, to be able to deliver this so just in personal terms that how has your life changed from going to corporate to maybe I think you started during this agency and now teaching Yes,

Kat Coroy  23:23

yeah, I had my own design agency for a while and then I decided I just didn’t want to work time for money anymore. And then but then actually there’s a missing piece in between my design agency and then this I had another business which was my first attempt at our online business, which was selling it’s a physical product like these tote bags that I made and they were beautiful they had my designs on and they were gorgeous and everything but nobody really wanted them you know and I did it for four years though for years and I made I lost so much money I mean I had to get them on my I went to China to get them manufactured and everything and I wouldn’t you know got them made had a bloomin load. So don’t if you’re gonna do something don’t just order like 15,000 pounds worth of stock before you test it out. Make sure it’s gonna work. And so I have these and anyway that just didn’t work. But if you’re in a position now where you’re feeling like what I’m doing isn’t working, it might be that you’re just not marketing it properly and maybe you’re doing exactly the right thing. Maybe you’re not doing the right thing that your soul was here to do. That wasn’t my if I’m so glad that the universe blocked me from doing that thing because I would be sitting here packaging of things sending them out. Now I get to connect with people I get love and money every day from I can you know I just have the most amazing friends and students that I’ve made through doing this so that wasn’t my path. And I was a single mom at the time I’ve met my hubby dad since I started all this as well but I’m also a single mom and I had note my savings had gone down to literally the nothing and it was the last had about 1000 pounds left. I was like, Oh my god, I’m gonna have to try something else. Got it. I don’t want to go and get a normal job again. I’ve got to do this online thing I really wanted to work around my kids. That was the whole reason I wanted to start it, you know? And that so I thought right now to try this thing I’ve had in the back of my mind, like, you might have something in your mind that you’ve been thinking for ages or this niggling thing that won’t go away. That might be the thing. That is the thing. And then I tried it, I started it. And I as soon as I did it, it was like, Yes. It was like a big Yes. Everybody who I asked not everybody. Oh, that would have been good. But a lot of people wanted it. And then it grew from there. So I was on track. So look for the big yeses. If you’re not getting a big Yes. Try some of the marketing. And if you’re not, it might be as hard as it was. It was a really hard decision for me to let that go after all that money and four years invested. I’m so glad I did. And then the rest is history. But your original question was about my life changing. You know, yeah, single moment absolutely broke no money whatsoever. People saying to me, when are you going to give up this thing? You know, and you know what it’s like, but no, now I mean, I’ve got my dream house, I’ve got my farm my hubby as well. And I just live it, I just have the most amount I get up I do. I work hard. And I serve my students. And I like I said money and love every day. And I’ve got financial security. And I’ve seen so many of my students as well pivot, with the whole thing going on in the world right now a lot of them have pivoted to online, they’ve taken those skills that they haven’t they’ve pivoted to online, and they’re doing really well. So it’s totally possible to do really well right now. I have loads of students that are so it’s just finding that thing that you want to do and going for it. Don’t be afraid to change directions if you need to, if you get that feeling and going online is a great thing. Because I’m just at home with the kids and doing the thing you know, it’s all good. So yeah, life has complete. I mean, I could never have imagined beyond my wildest dreams that my life has changed as much as it has, you know, but this is like, I as well. It’s like I also thought What do I want it to be like? And this is something I did at the beginning as well. I would like sit and think to myself and meditate in the mornings about right I want what do I want my life to be like and I would just imagine it that I had this you know, like now really, I would imagine that but then you don’t just imagine it and then you stop thinking about it and forget and then go back to feeling like oh, it’s not working right now. You know, you just think about that and you just try and keep that feeling with you and carry it into you and keep keep the faith and keep thinking that was hot and if you believe it, and that’s when it all started to happen when I started doing that regularly I started thinking and I started bringing that feeling with me into my day. And it all started to manifest and it all started to happen and bit by bit you know. So yeah,

mark egan  27:47

you know one of the people interviewed previously was Ryan Avery who’s a public speaker and he talked about he studies people by turning the sound down and I think just if I could show that last answer just the video and I said you know how this has changed a life how she feels about it. I think just the sort of the energy and the look in your eyes would probably answer the question even without the words and I think that they can be a bit fluffy sorry No, no I love I love the energy you can see how this is something that kind of fills you up as opposed to just so you know I clock on I earned my key because I think two things that really stuck in my mind there was one proof of concept you know, don’t spend all the time and money before you checked with other people what no, and the other one is, um, I can’t remember who did the TED talk but I saw one where they were talking about how can you sort of see who’s going to be successful and the thing that she came to was grit actually kind of grit and determination and I think a lot of people at various points during that story would have been like that’s it you know, I’ve been to China I’ve done everything you know, I’ve tried I can now go and work in insurance or something whereas you you kind of came back for more so I think that’s definitely a kind of a lesson is keep trying, but at the same time I suppose you’re saying Yeah, sometimes you try something it doesn’t work as knowing when to pivot which is probably the the hardest thing I mean the situation right now you’re teaching you know people to get to make over their Instagram and innocence, you know the old expression you know, sell them what they want and then give them what they need. Yes, it’s like what you’re actually doing isn’t just Hey, make your Instagram better and his back some good posts and everything. Because when I was looking at the structure of what you’re teaching, a lot of it is kind of mindset, understanding yourself, understanding and all that. How much do you think in a sense when it comes to online learning? You need to just be aware of kind of the psychology and the mindset, not just the skill that you’re trying to teach.

Kat Coroy  29:42

I think it’s a massive part it’s a really really good point. That’s I mean yeah, people think they’re coming into me for Instagram, which they are getting I get an Instagram but they’re also me put my students tell me it’s a life course. You know it they they have confidence in life affects their whole life. They suddenly feel comforted In everything they do it. And I think that as online educators, we have to give our students confidence, you know, so I’m always everything I’m teaching, I will start by saying, why we’re doing it. Like they have to understand fundamentally why they are doing it, not just tell them this is what you have to do, because there’s like, why should I bother? They’ve got to know why. But you’ve also got to build them up and get them to believe they can do it as well. Like I tell them why they can do it, how amazing they are, I tell them how amazing they are all the way through. And that and also using your Don’t be afraid like I say, I was the shyest girl at school, I couldn’t do this. And now I can and they can seem that they see me doing it, you know, as a broke single member. Now I wonder why it can? Why can’t it be you as much as it can be me, you know, so I think it’s having that belief that they can do it, teaching them they can, and the mindset that they need, there’s certain mindsets they need for certain things they do and isn’t there so for me, if somebody is coming through, say the creative part where they’re creating things for their graphics and stuff with me, I would need to make them first of all, get rid of that belief that they are not creative, because everybody’s great. If everyone can do it, you might just might have forgotten. We’re all born creative souls, aren’t we and we can all do it. It’s just we might have just got it bashed out of us at school or whatever. So. So it’s just yeah, reframing their minds, and then delivering the actual stuff that they need to learn. And then at the end, I always like to go over it again and go, say, right, okay, this is what you’ve got, and then summarize what they have to do, you know, and then make sure and then I do that through the whole way.

mark egan  31:33

Okay, that sounds good. Now, just before we wrap up a couple of practical tips, so everybody has a phone? Well, hopefully they do. Otherwise Instagrams gonna be a bit tricky. You know, any particular apps that you recommend any tips for taking scroll, stopping photographs, you know, what’s the, you know, a few sort of simple tips that people could take away today?

Kat Coroy  31:58

Definitely, well, I definitely think video is important, you know, you got to get on video and do that I love a color story is one of my favorite apps for doing filtering on vivid photos and stuff like that, you know, and then I think, what else can we Oh Canva is great for if you’re going to do some graphics, you know, they’ve got templates in there, you can adjust them, or you can make your own things. So I think getting to learn how to do Canva is really important, you know, something like that. And yeah, so then my top tips, I tried to keep it quite simple and not have too many apps I quite like unfold, it’s a little app, but you can make Instagram stories with as well. You can make them look kind of cool in there. There’s so many different things out there. But I think just find a few that you can use, learn how to do them well. And then just you know, keep on keep on going with those. But they’re my favorite ones. Yeah.

mark egan  32:42

My last quick Instagram question, which everybody always ask is, you know, you’ve got meetups and like 150,000 followers, how do you grow an Instagram because a lot of people say Instagram is really tough place to, to grow, what would be your number one tip for growing on Instagram.

Kat Coroy  32:59

First of all, get it to look good and express your brands or lessons, because you’ve only got three seconds, right? People are scrolling, they come to your thing, they don’t know what you do in your bio, for example, and then they see and it looks like a mishmash, like everything else, boom, they’re gone. So you might be the best person in the world at teaching, whatever it is yoga or something. But if they can’t get past that, they’re not going to get into your content. So you need to get it looking good. First, you need to get it representing you really well. But in terms of actually growing, it’s just putting out the content, but it’s being sociable is not just putting out content and then not doing anything. You know, you’ve got to connect with other people, you’ve got to be actively busy on Instagram, reaching out and then they come to you and they go, Oh, this is really cool. I like this and then they’re in and then you put out more content. So it’s, it’s changing your mindset that you’re gonna just put some stuff out there, and that’s gonna be it. It’s not, you have to be proactive. You have to be, you know, building relationships. And once you get that go and you get activity, you get the algorithm going, you get engagement, and then you’re off to it. And then it just starts snowballing. So yeah, it’s just understanding that I think helps a lot.

mark egan  34:07

Right? And final question on this knowledge industry. Nowadays, we’re in a situation where people are having to learn a lot of skills quickly and often it’s very specific skill I sometimes refer to as tollroad education where you can spend five years on YouTube or you can pay somebody to get you from A to B very quickly. Yeah, and you know, unlike a university course it’s just I need to know that I need to know Facebook, to know that you’ve obviously made a life for yourself doing this. Where do you think this is going? What’s your prediction for next four or five, six years when it comes to online learning.

Kat Coroy  34:41

I think online learning is just getting bigger and bigger. I mean it’s just even like the summer holidays the kids I my son he’s 12 and I got him and online he what he’s really quite interesting sculptures, I got him a little clay sculpture course, is like even you know, because there’s less and less contact going on right now. I think the More on like, I think I just think he’s going to go more bigger and bigger. It’s like we have the power, we have the power to do make our lives exactly how we want them to be. And we also have the power to learn everything we need to learn from online out there from Little courses, I’ve learned everything I needed to do this business from just taking little courses, taking a Facebook thing to learn how that worked, you know, little courses, and that’s helped me quit. So we all have the power collectively, you know, to create our own businesses, teaching others and also learn what we need to learn. So I just think it’s amazing. We’re in such a good time right now. And I think the future is only bright for this kind of thing.

mark egan  35:36

Well, my next step, but I’m not joking, but I’m gonna go and buy your course. Because I’m so interested like I, I saw the outline, this looks really interesting so that I’ll be your next customers. Right? Well, for everybody. For everybody else who should be doing that as well. Where should they start their journey? Where should they head? If you want to find out more about what you offer and what you teach? Where should they go?

Kat Coroy  35:58

Well, I’ve just I’ve got a brand new webinar out right now actually, that I just released a couple of days ago that is going to teach you a lot of stuff anyway just from watching the free webinars. So you can either go to my Instagram and look at the link in my bio, it’s cat kuroi on Instagram, or you can go to cat and you can find out about it there and there’s also a link to find out about my Instagram make over is my course it’s called the Instagram makeover and that’s there as well. So go to cat or just cat kuroi on Instagram. Yeah. webinar.

mark egan  36:27

Yes. without sounding too nationalistic. It’s great to see some Brits doing really well in this space as well. So thank you. I mean, there’s so many like points and all that kind of thing. I actually had a list here of certain things I wanted to cover and everything like that and you’ve just like bam, bam, bam, bam, knock them off, and more so I appreciate that. And yeah, hopefully, we’ll chat again someday.

Kat Coroy  36:46

I’d love to It was great. Thank you Mark. Take care.

mark egan  36:49

If you want to get started showing up on video and sharing your expertise. Head over to Mark Egan video comm to access some of my free training. Don’t forget to join the knowledge industry group on Facebook. And if you want to connect head to